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How do I start Judo

It is most important to start correctly with a qualified Judo Coach. The British Judo Association is the official Governing Body for Judo. Jidel Judo is registered with the British Judo Association and is a member club of JudoScotland. For more information on your nearest Jidel Judo 93 venue check out our classes

How can I be sure I am getting quality coaching

The BJA Coach Award structure is designed to ensure that qualified Coaches deliver safe, quality Judo instruction. The Coach Award system is widely regarded as being one of the best in the world. All BJA member Clubs are required to have at least one qualified BJA Coach, who you can be assured has had to meet the strict standards laid down. In the past potential Coaches were required to pass a First Aid exam, however since First Aid practice evolves continually, Coaches must now obtain an external First Aid Certificate. The Association has a strict child protection policy and ensures all Coaches complete personal disclosure documents prior to granting a Club licence. See Jidel Judo policies and guidelines page for more information.


How do I obtain a Judo suit

The Jidel brand has fast become one of the most revered logos within the competition circuit. The Jidel logo has traveled all over Europe and other Continents. To be part of this quality assurance process, on and off the mat, check out Jidel Judo merchandise page.


Why do I need a licence

Although the accident rate is far lower than in some other sports it has to be said that Judo is a tough combat sport. It is therefore wise to have a licence, which gives insurance cover. Grading's and competitions take place all over the country and throughout the year under BJA rules and at which anyone taking part must have a licence.


What are Kai’s Mon’s and Kyu’s

For players aged from 5 to 15 years, there are 27 levels of skill grades known as (Junior) grades. 9 for under 8 years old, 9 for mini mons (beginners) 9 for Juniors under the age of 16 years old. Jidel Judo was instrumental in having the Kai grade system increased for 6 levels to 9 levels and also introduced the stripe belt system, that is now used throughout the whole of Scotland. From 16 years, Kyu (senior) skill grades apply and are again denoted by belts of different colours. Everyone has to work through the grading system to reach the 1st Dan Grade when the player is entitled to wear the famous black belt. Even then there are higher levels for the very dedicated.


Does Judo make you fit?

 Judo is an ideal form of physical education. The beginner concentrates on getting the technique right, and during this process inevitably improves general fitness. The bonus is stamina improvement, which equips on better for the rigors of day-to-day life. When asked about the extraordinary fitness he displayed on winning the British and European “Superstars” titles Brian Jacks attributed it all to his former Judo training.


Do women do Judo?

They most certainly do. At the present time we have Kate Howey the Sydney Olympic Silver medalist, (Kate also won an Olympic Bronze in Barcelona) and Karina Bryant Senior European Champion, Double Junior World & Junior European Champion, Georgina Singleton Senior former European & current Commonwealth Champion, to name just a few.

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